Our Footprint

EarthScents products are made locally in Malibu, CA and are marketed only in California. Locally produced products have less impact on the environment due to limited transportation / delivery efforts. The results are reduced emissions and waste associated with getting products into the hands of the customer. In addition, if you retain our packaging (or prefer to use your own), EarthScents products can be purchased in bulk, further reducing our impact on landfills. Our products are tough on dirt, while gentle on the planet. EarthScents really does make sense!

Made in the USA
Passionate about keeping jobs in the US, all product ingredients and packaging materials are Made in the USA. We have sourced USA made packaging that is most easily recyclable, making our products some of the most earth friendly available on the market. EarthScents suppliers are local and use local resources – including packaging, labeling, and ingredients, further reducing emissions and environmental impact.

We love them. We don't test on them.

Giving Back
Because community and giving back are values so fundamental to our philosophy, EarthScents donates 5% of our profits to Heal the Bay. Heal the Bay is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to making Southern California coastal waters and watersheds safe, healthy and clean. For more information, please visit them at www.HealTheBay.org.


"Earth Scents is a quality product that is safe and a responsible alternative to chemical cleaners. We have animals and live by a lake so this allows us to clean without harming our environment as well as our health. I use it for everything! We love the lavender."

- Mary Peters,
Malibou Lake, CA

"EarthScents is an amazing product, cleans better than most and is safe and smells great, we will forever enjoy using this line of great products!"

- Bruce Friedman, Agoura, CA